DMX Sender für Taronic Multicolore Pro

DMX Funksender für LED Scheinwerfer 512 Kanäle Profiversion

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LCD Wireless Controller

2.4G DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter

2X8 bit LCD to display working condition

4 grades power output for option

126 frequencies band, FH design, and frequencyhopping

synchronization automatically

16 groups ID code for setting

 User can use 16 groups individual wireless net without any interfere each other in the same place

Input voltage:9-12VDC 300mA min

Communication distance:700m(visible distance)

 Working frequency:2.4G ISM, 126 frequencies

 band Max transmitting power:20dBm

Receive sensitive:-94dBm

DMX signal terminal:3/5 pin XLR